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  • What is a VIP Day?

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m going to go out on a limb and guess something about you… I’m going to guess that there is some area of your life - or maybe a few - where you are feeling stuck. You might be absolutely rocking it in some ways, but something just feels off and you’re not as fulfilled, happy, or satisfied as you would like to be. Yes? It is my passion and mission to help you out of that stuck place. Whether you are wanting to improve your health, mindset, career, business, or any combination of those, I have the tools and experience to guide you. Could you do this on your own? Of course, you could. But there’s something about getting another perspective from a trained set of eyes and ears that has the power to spark magic! I’ve been doing this for years with clients. Typically, I spend weeks with a Life Coaching client. We meet once or twice per week, as I help them navigate their goals, create and execute action plans to find the success they desire. However, I know that not everyone has the time or financial resources to invest in that kind of program. I also know that people (including myself) LOVE instant gratification. Which is why I designed my newest offer, and I could not be more excited about it! Enter… the VIP Day. On a VIP Day with me, you will have an entire day of my undivided attention. You are truly my VIP of the day! We will determine which areas you thrive and which areas you want to grow. Then, we will come up with a plan for the day –completely catered to your unique needs and goals. When we finish the day, you will have an action plan in place. I will have provided you with all the tools and direction you need to find success in whichever areas you are wanting. But the support doesn’t stop there. Following your VIP Day, you will have 30 days of Voxer support from me. For a full month, message me for support and answers to all your questions as you get to work on the plan we created for you! But, why me? How can I be so sure that I have what it takes to help you get unstuck? I have spent YEARS taking the courses, earning the certifications, and finding or creating the tools needed to create success. Whether you are wanting to improve your health, mindset, career, business, or any combination of those, I have the tools and experience to guide you. I can confidently say that I can be your personal secret weapon and fast track to the success you want to see. I have spent years in the health and wellness industry, and on a personal journey to find my healthiest and most confident self. I have fought through complex trauma healing, physical healing, weight loss, and a terrible relationship with food. My husband and I have built multiple successful businesses from the ground up. We have made connections with some of the most renowned media companies, and have been able to help hundreds of people build their businesses through media exposure. I would love nothing more than to share my knowledge and resources with YOU! So, will you invest in yourself? If you’re ready, I’d love to get started right away with you! The sooner you say “YES,” the sooner you’ll see your success coming to fruition! Curious about what you could accomplish in a VIP Day, but not quite ready to commit? Grab my FREE Life Audit to get unstuck and find the happiness, health, and wealth you deserve! What is your unique spark? Find out now with this freebie! Friend, I am so confident that your goals are within your reach! We all get stuck at times, but you don’t have to stay there. Success in any area is achieved by simply having the right tools, knowledge, and action plan to get you there. You’ve got this! Xoxo, Lucie Mitchell, CTNC & CTLC Lucie Mitchell & Company Follow me here Stay up to date with my latest! Simply type FAB to 254-457-5533! Check out my latest Podcast Episode!

  • Earned Exposure and Why You Need PR

    Media should be one of the most important components of your digital marketing strategy. Yes, you read that right... Media. Most small business owners, when asked about their digital marketing strategy, will tell you about their social media platforms, website content, email marketing campaigns, and sales funnels. Rarely do I hear about a marketing plan in place for media exposure. When I offer the idea of perusing coverage in the media, I often hear a laugh and something along the lines of, “my company isn’t big enough for that,” or “maybe someday when I’ve reached XYZ level.” You see, what many small business owners don’t understand is that there is attainable, effect media coverage available for all companies - from small local businesses to international corporate giants… And, not enough people take advantage of the opportunities available. Here is why you should add media coverage to your digital marking plan: earned media vs. paid ads. Most companies run some number of paid ads. Whether it’s taking out a literal ad in a local paper, boosting your posts, running campaigns, printing business cards, or hanging flyers… you’re likely paying for some form of advertising. It’s how you get your name out there for people to know and recognize your business, right? It’s all about exposure. However, there is another form of exposure that holds much more credibility… earned media. Earned media is exposure for your business posted or printed by a third-party, which instantly leads to more credibility. Someone other than you is saying, “Hey, I support this person or company enough to highlight them on my platform. Check out and what they do…” Here are some of the benefits from gaining this type of exposure: More meaningful exposure Interest generation Brand awareness Credibility Reputation and authority How Can PR Help Grow My Business? Many entrepreneurs are skeptical or do not think they are big enough or have enough to say to include PR in their plans. Entrepreneurs need to be educated on the value of earned media and understand that it is the most cost-efficient way to get their story out, which leads to new customers, and shortens their sales cycle. Every time a new article hits, you speak at an event, or are quoted in the media, there is value in that exposure. It provides instant credibility and third-party validation, which carries a lot more weight than a paid ad. What Type of Coverage Can You Secure? A number of factors play into where and how a company is featured. It’s important to know that the expectation of reaching and securing company news with top-tier publications (i.e. New York Times) is a gradual process. You must catch many small fish before you can catch the big ones. This takes time, relationship building, and recurring exposure in the media. If done correctly, this presents itself for big wins. Will Having PR Efforts Automatically Lead to Increased Sales and Business Growth? The answer is to that is a resounding no! Just because someone reads ab out you in a publication or sees you on TV does not mean they are going to call you up the next day and hire you or buy your product. PR is about generating and increasing brand awareness and interest in what you have to offer. We, as publicists,, make more people AWARE of who you are, but YOU have to have marketing and sales processes and systems in place to take these people simply from being spectators to active and engaged customers and clients. My mission is to help women entrepreneurs understand the value of PR and media exposure. Especially those who started with nothing and have built their businesses from the ground up. Their stories need to be told so that they can not only grow their business, but also be an inspiration to other women in business. Interested to learn more? Subscribe to my newsletter and connect with me on all the socials (info below). Want to chat about your next step? Book a completely free consultation! Xoxo, Lucie Mitchell, CTNC & CTLC Fierce and Beautiful Wellness, LLC Join The Collective community on Facebook. Stay up to date with my latest! Simply type FAB to 254-457-5533! Check out my latest Podcast Episode!

  • 5 Ways to Get Out of Your Own Way

    One of the things I am most passionate about is helping women realize that success is within their reach. Whether you are trying to better your health, fix your mindset, or build your business, I want to empower you to confidently know damn well that you can do it all. We all experience fear in uncertainty, so it’s no surprise that one of the biggest hurdles most – if not all – of my clients have to get over is completely in their head. Whether you call it a mental block, a mindset issue, or self-doubt, it’s something that only you can change – and it’s probably the biggest thing standing in your way. Based on the knowledge I’ve gained from working with the women I have, as well as watching women in business over the last 15+ years, many of us seem to stand in our own way similarly. So, whether you are building a business, stuck in your business, or working to scale your business, here are five ways that I advise you begin to move out of your own way: 1. Be You, Proudly I see too many female entrepreneurs trying to emulate others. It’s great to have a mentor or someone who inspires you as an example for success. However, you shouldn’t allow that inspiration to lead you to change who you are and what you do. Inspiration and motivation are healthy, but it becomes harmful the moment you start comparing and mimicking. Don’t curate yourself and your offer to fit someone else’s ideal. You have a unique brand and product/service to offer the world. Your people won’t be able to find you if you are trying to be someone else. Stop trying to be what other people are, and instead, embrace who you are and the skills and strengths that you hold. 2. Find Your Niche Who do you serve, and what do provide for them? If you can’t answer these questions clearly and concisely, then HERE is where you need to start. If you don’t have a clear direction for where you are going, you’ll never get anywhere. When you know who your ideal client is, you can more easily find them (and learn how to market to them). When you are marketing to your ideal client, your offer needs to be crystal clear. You need to tell them what you have to offer, why they need it, and why you are the best person to provide it to them. Clarify your goal, your ideal client, and your mission. Then - and this is just as important - make sure your online presence represents you well. Your ideal client should be able to: a. find you easily, b. quickly gather what you offer, and c. have a good idea of your personality and vibe. Are you struggling with this, or unsure if your online presence clearly conveys what you want it to? Consider investing in a business strategist (like me!). A business strategy coach can help you define your mission, and make sure you are clearly communicating that to the public. Do you really need this, but not ready to invest in a full-time coach? I offer business-based VIP days – message me with questions or check it out here! 3. Know Your Worth If there is one thing that absolutely drives me the most insane about women in business, it’s their tendency – and I have been guilty of this too – to undervalue themselves. STOP undercharging, giving your services away, hesitating to raise your rates, etc. I’ve worked with women who have degrees, certificates, and/or decades of experience and knowledge, who are still hesitant of their worth. Do your research, do the math, and charge what you deserve. I guarantee your ideal client is out there… probably willing to pay MORE for what you offer. If you needed a sign to raise your prices, here it is! Also, knowing your value is not just about what you invoice your clients. It’s about treating your time as the valuable resource that it is. Outsource menial tasks, and tasks that are simply not in your wheelhouse or things you enjoy doing. Enforce time constrictions on business calls. For example, if you offer a free 30-minute discovery call, don’t allow that call to go on for an hour providing them with advice and knowledge that they should be paying for. The more you respect your time, the more others will follow suit. 4. Money Mindset If finances make you nervous, anxious, or uncomfortable, you need to work on your money mindset. Most people, ESPECIALLY business owners, could benefit from some money mindset work. Would you believe me if I said that some people feel empowered, proud, and confident when they think about their finances? Yeah… it’s possible. And you deserve to feel that way too. If you’re stressing about money, it’s holding back from success and causing you blocks in the success of your business. For more on this, check out my recent video. If you’re looking to improve your money mindset and manifest more money in your life and business, I can’t recommend Amanda Frances enough. She provides books, courses, and even free meditations that are enlightening, unbelievably helpful, and available for you forever when you purchase her digital services. Finding her has literally changed my life and business, and it could change yours too. 5. Stop Waiting STOP waiting …until you profit x-amount ...until you have a larger following ...until you get x-amount of sales ...until you have more time ...until you perfect x-skill... You will always find a reason why you’re “not ready”. Take. Action. Now. Do it before you’re ready. Do it scared. If you wait to chase your dreams and pursue your goals, you’ll never reach them. It’s never too early to put yourself there. You’ll figure it out as you go if you need to. Pursue exposure for your business; collab with other businesses, be a guest on a podcast, post consistently. A big part of what I love to do is help women in business get the exposure that will help their business grow! My PR agency is open and currently accepting new business. Would being featured in a published article, a local news outlet, or popular podcast help you get the word out to your ideal clients? I’d love to chat with you more about how I can help connect you with those opportunities! Book a completely free consultation! Xoxo, Lucie Mitchell, CTNC & CTLC Fierce and Beautiful Wellness, LLC Join The Collective community on Facebook. Stay up to date with my latest! Simply type FAB to 254-457-5533! Check out my latest Podcast Episode! Disclaimer: This blog post is provided for educational and informational purposes only and is not medical, mental health or healthcare advice. The information presented here is not intended to diagnose, treat, heal, cure or prevent any illness, medical condition or mental or emotional condition.

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  • ABOUT | Lucie Mitchell

    CEO. BOSSBABE. & fiercely badass I am a firm believer that we all have a story to tell. Whether it is one of triumph or of trauma. The story needs to be told and shared. That is what this company and brand is all about. Media isn't just about getting famous. It is about getting results. about lucie Hey there! My name is Lucie Mitchell, I am a Certified Life Success Coach and CEO of LifeFlip Media and the Lucie Mitchell Co. The journey to where I am today is quite a story so I will do my best to keep it short and sweet. You are welcome to head over to my podcast Ready to Rise for all the juicy details. But lets say I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. ​ It started at the age of 12 when I opened my own babysitting business, to becoming a private chef (for a short period of time) to becoming a hairstylist and bookkeeper while also being a math tutor for a few of my clients children. ​ The desire I had was always to help others. Call me an empath or just a kind person, I just wanted others to be happy. This may have seemed from unhealed trauma as a child but I knew I wasn't meant for the ordinary. ​ Neither are you friend! So after becoming a Certified Life Coach in 2019 I knew I wanted to take this opportunity to help female entrepreneurs in the best way possible. So often we think so small. We limit our capabilities and our reach. ​ As the CEO of LifeFlip Media, I knew there was a space that my husband and I were missing. Sure we help businesses and big brands with story telling not story yelling. But what about the beginning entrepreneur. The business that is ready to go to the next level with brand exposure. ​ That is where the Lucie Mitchell Co came to life. Whether you are looking for strategy coaching to get clear on your business goals or you are ready for PR, me and my team have a solution for you. MISSION ​ At our heart, we’re natural communicators and storytellers. We’ve always been more than a PR agency, offering tailored services that make our clients’ messages more powerful. Using the power of communication, we serve as consultants and partners to our clients, moving their businesses forward. So yes things are going to look a bit different around here and that is the exciting part! Go big or go home! Take a look around and see why we are excited for the change! So what can you expect with this Agency: We are: Always there for you Strategic and innovative Texas-based, with national capabilities Dedicated to giving back to our community KPI driven Focused on analytics that matter A valuable piece of your marketing strategy Reliable, following through on promises we make to our clients Experienced PR professionals celebrating 9 years in business Your source of comfort during a crisis ​ xoxo Lucie @ lucie.m_mitchell @ lucie.m_mitchell @ lucie.m_mitchell @ lucie.m_mitchell @ lucie.m_mitchell @ lucie.m_mitchell @ lucie.m_mitchell @ lucie.m_mitchell @ lucie.m_mitchell @ lucie.m_mitchell @ lucie.m_mitchell @ lucie.m_mitchell

  • TESTIMONIALS | Lucie Mitchell

    Our Clients Are The Best! "I have a unique situation in that I had gastric sleeve surgery about 4 years ago and while I did not eat in excess or eat large portions, I could not figure out why I was gaining and not at the least maintaining my weight. I sought out guidance with my nutrition with Lucie’s heath and wellness. To make this even more difficult at the start of this journey I contracted COVID-19. With the guidance and tools provided by Lucie I have been able to handle the recovery process of COVID in a healthy and consistent manor, I learned techniques to deal with the stress of my surroundings and situation and not lean on “treats.” My personalized meal plans made the transition from my eating style to a healthier way of eating, much easier and the food was delicious and easy to make! As a single parent, full time employee, and student that was essential! The weekly meetings with Lucie gave me the opportunity to check in on progress and helped to keep me motivated. I now make healthier food choices mindlessly, understand the importance of making myself a priority, and am down a total of 20pounds!! I am eternally grateful for the tools provided by Lucie’a health and wellness!!"-Ali McCormick “I’ll be honest I was skeptical about the work I began with my coach Lucie. I didn’t realize what a difference it would make to be more thoughtful while eating, following her plans as well as really look at other aspects besides the eating aspect. I’m not where I want to be yet but I’m sold on the work we are doing and appreciate are the time spent together.” Courtney F. ​ Lucie and her PR team were able to create beautifully written articles for my CPA firm. She was quick, responsive and able to capture the essence of our Firm and our services. Five stars, highly recommended if you need a solid PR Firm for your business, - Pamela L. Hilton, CPA ​ We had no idea what outside exposure could do for our business. Lucie Mitchell and her PR team took our brand, our mission and everything we stand for and got it published as a feature article in NY Weekly! Now the world knows all about the Twang Sistas and how we lift others up. If you want your business to explode and your message to spread like wildfire, hire Lucie Mitchell & Co. and watch infinite possibilities ignite! Five star recommendation all the way! ~ Gail & Vicki The Twang Sistas Work with Us What's to come.....Social Media Audit VIP Day, Life Audit VIP Day, Business Strategy Coaching and more! ​ Thank you from the Mitchell Family

  • COACHING WITH LUCIE | Lucie Mitchell

    GET ACCESS TO MY FREE RESOURCES JOIN ME INSIDE MY FREE COMMUNITY AS SEEN IN LOOK AT Level the F Up coaching program Stop Waiting for Life to Happen! Level The F Up the way your life was meant to be! Are you living a life that you love? Do you want to wake up in the morning looking forward to the day ahead? Would you like to take action to revitalize your life? I know how challenging it can be to make shifts in our lives. With me by your side, we'll carry out a step-by-step, spring cleaning, of your life so you can live the joyful, passionate life you deserve to be living. SIGN UP NOW! My 90 day coaching program is a balanced, well-crafted program that guides you through a 3 step process over a course of 90 days. In 3 months, you'll get to the heart of what's holding you back so you can reset your habits and refresh your life. Leave the blahs behind and connect with your joyful, energized self. Month 1: Take Stock; Discover what makes your heart sing! In the first month, we will take stock of where you're at, discover what makes your heart sing and take the first steps to brighten up your life! Through powerful coaching exercises we'll identify ways to invest in what feeds your soul, and connect what you discover about yourself with your goals! Month 2: Declutter: Give your life a spring clean! In the second month, we do a detox to get rid of the obstacles and energy sucks that are getting in the way of your well-being. By cutting away the dead wood, you’ll make space for new growth. Commit to letting go of what is holding you back so you can embrace your life with the vitality you need to take on your wildest dreams! Month 3: Design; Embrace your awesome, purpose-driven life with fresh energy and a positive outlook! In the last month, we'll set healthy new habits to support you and create a spark team of positive people who support, encourage and inspire you to achieve what you want in your life. You'll set well-crafted achievable goals for the next quarter - based on the vision you have for your life. With daily practices and long-term visioning you'll gain the momentum you need to spring into success. Program Overview I've seen enormous growth in people who have committed to the steps like the ones in this program. Do not waste any more time putting off your hearts desires. If you want clarity and guidance as you step into your wholeness, it is time we work together. If you are ready to transform the blahs into A-has! - lets go! SIGN UP NOW! RECLAIM Your LifE coaching program Have you ever found yourself standing in front of the fridge searching for something to eat, even though you are not hungry? Maybe you get cravings for certain foods...usually unhealthy ones, as let’s face it, most people don’t crave a salad, struggle not to eat them and then feel guilty afterwards? If you answered yes to these questions, then this program is for you! This program offers: 12 weekly Zoom 1:1 Coaching Calls 11 Weekly Meal Plans catered to helping you reach your goals Option to include the 10 Day Reset to enhance the Detoxification Process Tools to help clear past trauma and the mental environment Access to High-Grade Supplements to help clear up blocked systems internally and live a more holistic lifestyle SIGN UP NOW! If you have an unhealthy relationship with food and are stuck in their weight loss journey this program is perfect for you! You ever heard that saying “love the skin you are in”? What does that even mean? For me it means to be strong and confident in my body It means to have energy to do the things that I want to do It means to be free from emotional eating & the worries and fears of what food will bring to my mindset It means giving all of these feelings to others so they can find peace and health and happiness in their own skin! ​ So I think I can confidently say that I am lovingtheskinIamin and livingmybestlife and part of me doing that is helping YOU live your best life and love the skin you are living in! ​ If you are “unhappy” in your body, constantly comparing yourself to others, tired of the lack of results, stuck in eating patterns that are not yielding the results you are looking for, have digestive issues, low energy levels, disruptive sleep patterns, then this program is for you! Program Overview SIGN UP NOW! @ lucie.m_mitchell @ lucie.m_mitchell @ lucie.m_mitchell @ lucie.m_mitchell @ lucie.m_mitchell @ lucie.m_mitchell @ lucie.m_mitchell @ lucie.m_mitchell @ lucie.m_mitchell @ lucie.m_mitchell @ lucie.m_mitchell @ lucie.m_mitchell

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