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That was the title of a post I made last night in a community Facebook group I belong to for my activewear brand that I am partnered with, Zyia Active. In my eyes..that post went viral. And yes I will be sharing it here, but I want to give you a little bit of context first. As you are all well aware, I have been on and will always be on my own wellness journey. This is not only one of for my physical health but also my mental and emotional health.

August 28th, 2020 marked the 1 year anniversary of when I walked into a weight loss clinic during a visit back home to grab some weight loss pills as a quick fix for unexplained weight gain. This wasn't my first time turning to this little white and blue speckled pill for a quick fix, but I had run out of answers and was sad, depressed, bloated, full of emotional guilt, and ugly. I felt UGLY! I even noticed myself using verbal negative self-talk in front of my teenage daughter..."OMG..I am so FAT! I am UGLY!" These are the words she would hear me say!

So...I went into that clinic, stepped on the scale, saw the number...220 pounds! I looked at the doctor, made all the false promises to monitor my foods, in water intake, and blah, blah, blah. I even said I'd be back in a week for a weigh-in (we were driving back to Oregon later that day). With fingers crossed and a bottle of pills, I'd lose 40 pounds in 30 days!!!!

NOPE!!!! 15 days later I was franticly looking for a local weight loss clinic. to get a refill on these magic pills. I was down only 3 pounds, still bloated, inflamed, exhausted, depressed, sad.....UGLY!!!! I found a clinic (via Groupon) and made my appt to get a refill, but boy was I in for a treat! No pills would be given to me that day! Instead...I was greeted with a......HUG! And well, I will let my "viral post" tell the rest of the story.....

"I have "taken" a lot from this page and I figured that since I am about 1 month away from 1 year Zyiaversary it is time I give something back. A story for you to share.

You see my 1 year anniversary with Zyia means so much more than longevity with an amazing company that has an amazing vision and brand for us all to share and build our dreams upon. For literally saved my life.

The woman on the left (taken August 28th, 2019) had just turned 45 years "young", was lost and depressed, suffered from vertigo, blurred vision, numbed and tingly hands and feet, major anxiety, slept on average of 4 hours a night, suffered through over active brain syndrome and was 40 pounds overweight and considered morbidly obese for her age and height. Doctors couldn't give her a reason why and only told her to take a nap. It got to the point of wanting to end my life because what kind of mother and wife was I if I wasn't happy and healthy. I had no sense of purpose, no joy, no sparkle.

As a last resort I went to a weight loss clinic to get "pills" and was greeted by an angel of a nutritional coach who hugged me and said no to pills and yes to helping me find myself again. But I had to promise that I would find something to give me a sense of belonging. Enter Zyia Active...well I mean that is another story but let's just say I watched for 15 months before finally taking the leap and signing up on November 9th, 2019 at the urging of my coach.

My coach helped me gain my health back, lose 40 pounds and discover that I am insulin resistant. She also helped realize my passion to help other women find the answers to their weight loss goals as I recently because a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach in July of this year.

Zyia Active gave me my Joy back (picture taken on the right October 1st, 2020)! Joining Zyia helped me find a community that is welcoming, a sisterhood that is above all others, a brand I can stand behind, and leggings that didn't distract me from my mom pooch so I could focus on my health and my will to survive.

We are so much more than a pair of leggings! We are LOVE, JOY, PURPOSE, HAPPINESS and we are COMMUNITY, UPLIFT, ACTIVITY and LIGHT!

This is my Zyia Story and while there are so many phenomenal stories, you are welcome to share mine! I am turning 46 years young on the 26th and celebrating my 1 year Anniversary on November 9th!"

The reason I say this post went viral is because in 10 hours since posting, 386 women have liked that post, there are 80 comments so far, and most importantly 5 women have reached out privately expressing how my story is her story. That is why I share. Whether I am sharing my coaching business, my own personal health journey or Zyia Active, these have all impacted my life in such a profound way that it is too important to not share with all of you.

So if my story is your story, I am here for you. Let's set up a FREE Discovery Call today to see how my coaching services can help you reclaim your life.

If Zyia Active and our beautiful Community sounds like the home you belong in, join me! I have room for you at my table always! Or message me at to learn more about Zyia Active.

Either way, take that chance like I did and be that person to say "Well Here Goes Nothing..." because you never know what door it will open for you.


Lucie Mitchell, CTNC & Zyia Active Director

Fierce and Beautiful Wellness

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