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As we are already well into the first month of the year, do you have a clear vision for what you want out of the next 11 months? Where do you want to be in December as compared to where you are now? What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to have experienced? Do you have it all planned out, or are you just “winging” it?

While we all know life is unpredictable, and having too much planned can end up backfiring, having a vision, a dream, and clarity for what you ultimately want is key to getting there. And claiming your goals, dreams and aspirations by recording them in some way can be such a powerful thing! This is why people often spend the early part of the year creating a visual representation of the things that are important to them right now and in the year to come… vision boards, planners, journals – oh my! But how do you get started?? Read on, sister… Here’s a few ways to get started:

Vision Boards

Oprah, Steve Harvey and Katy Perry… what do these people have in common? Well, besides being incredibly famous and successful... Can you guess? Bet you didn’t know that these three all utilize vision boards!

Dig out your scissors, tape, glue and other art supplies to build a visual daily reminder of the life you want this year and the things you are working toward. Clip from magazines, draw or print out photos. Or copy and paste to a digital board to save as your screensaver or wallpaper. Looking for a simpler option? Create a Pinterest vision board.


Find a planner style that fits well with your lifestyle (and brain style ;) ). There are traditional hard-copy planners and digital options as well. You can find versions with monthly, weekly, daily and even hourly planning. Choose the option you’re most likely to use! Add important dates, thoughts, motivational quotes, record your brainstorms or whatever is most helpful for you in setting and achieving goals.


Whether you grab a plain spiral notebook or purchase a fancy book with inspirational writing prompts, journaling is a great way to record your thoughts and goals throughout the year. With a planner or a journal, make it uniquely yours by using colored pens, stickers, adding photos, etc. Have fun with it or keep it simple – again, the idea is to make it the most user friendly and functional for YOU.

I have been journaling for the last few years and have noticed how I am able to accomplish more goals that I set for myself. This year my goals are focused around these 5 Pillars:

Faith: My goal is to become more connected to my faith and re-establish a relationship with my higher power

Family: In 2022, I want to make more memories with my children and my husband. Learn to take breaks from work and be more present for them

Friends: I am excited to start growing my friendships this year. I have lost touch with so many due to the pandemic and I have a goal to change that this year.

Fitness: I always strive to be healthy and fit but this year I am going to dive deeper on a holistic level. Oh and I would love to run another 1/2 marathon this year

Finances: This is a huge one! I just opened my own retirement account and another Life Insurance Policy. My husband and I also have goals of reducing our outstanding debt by 50% this year!

As you’re determining what your goals are it might be helpful to think about your life in categories. For example: family, health, career, financial, travel, lifestyle, philanthropy. Determine which categories are most important to you right now this year. Focus on up to 5, but you might find it helpful to really emphasize 1-3. What are some of your goals for this year? What option(s) sound most useful and beneficial for you? Whichever way you choose to do it, by recording your goals and having a daily reminder of your “why”, you’ll have a much higher likelihood of achieving these things!

Happy goal-chasing!

xoxo, Lucie

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