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Well I wouldn't really call it a debate but rather more of a question. Which is a better way to start your day? A glass of lemon water or a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar? You may even be asking...I don't do either and why would I! That is a great question, in fact these are all great questions. So why not dedicate todays blog post to finding out which is the better way to get your body going and what are the health benefits of each. But the cliff notes version of course! You Lucie terms!


Okay so since while becoming a Certified Nutrition Coach, I really became fascinated with our digestion system and how all POWER lies within our gut. Who knew? I mean at least I didn't. Our gut is the powerhouse of our entire health system. A healthy gut contributes to a strong immune system, heart health, brain health, improved mood, healthy sleep, and effective digestion, and it may help prevent some cancers and autoimmune diseases. Our gut microbiome sends out all the signals to the rest of our organs when we have the all clear to the road of healthy or to pump the brakes because there is way too much bacteria and things are unhealthy. Now I don't want to get off track about gut health...I'll save that for another blog post. Back to the lemon versus apple debate!

So you have been sleeping for 6-8 hours (hopefully) and this is giving your body time to power down and repair and recharge from all that it went through the day before. Our livers are the great detoxifiers and when we wake up....its time to flush that baby out! Welcome a nice glass of LEMON water! Here are a few health benefits according to to slamming this beauty before reaching for that cup of Joe:

1. Lemon is packed with vitamin C, which plays an important role in boosting your immunity. Lemon water can help shield your body from many immune system deficiencies, making sure your body stays healthy and fit always.

2.It is necessary to maintain the pH levels of your body to make sure your system functions properly. Altered pH levels can mess with your digestive system and even unsettle your blood pressure levels. Lemon water makes sure that your body’s pH levels stay under control, preventing many diseases and health disorders.

3.Lemon is known to possess strong antibacterial properties. Consuming lemon water in the morning will make sure that your body stays free of infections. Lemon contains high amounts of pectin which can do wonders to your colon health.

4. Lemon also happens to be a strong detox agent. Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning will flush out all the toxins from your system. Lemon is also known to purify your blood, thus keeping your body free from many health disorders.

5. Drinking warm lemon water will make sure that your digestive system functions smoothly. The citric acid present in lemon will keep digestive problems at bay. It will interact with the other essential enzymes in your stomach and stimulate the secretion of gastric juices.

6. Lemon water can also benefit your liver health. Studies have observed that the liver produces more enzymes in the presence of lemon when compared to other food items. Enzymes are essential to stimulate, accelerate, and catalyze various chemical reactions in the human body.

7. Chances are that all the foods you have consumed over your lifetime have intoxicated your liver to a great extend. Lemon water ingested in the morning will help cleanse your liver. Lemon juice stimulates the liver to flush out all its toxins, reviving it like never before.

8. Lemon is packed with anti-inflammatory properties that can cure a host of health issues. Drinking lemon water daily will help fight respiratory tract infections to a great extend. It can also help cure sore throats, and inflammation of tonsils.

9. Lemon is a treasure trove of essential vitamins and minerals that your body can’t do without. It is loaded with calcium, magnesium, potassium, citric acid, phosphorus and many more nutrients that are necessary to keep your body ticking. A glass of lemon water a day can really keep the doctor away!

10. Lemon water can be greatly effective for those who are trying to shed some pounds. Drinking warm lemon water the first thing in the morning will melt away all your fat like magic. The pectin fiber that is present in lemon keeps your cholesterol levels under control and also curbs your hunger, preventing you from overeating or snacking.

I am digging these benefits! So what is the magic recipe....squeeze 1/2 lemon in to your favorite coffee mug and add about 8 ounces of warm water (preferred filtered). Sit back, plug into some delicious personal development and sip away the toxins stored within!

Okay....Now the ACV aka Apple Cider Vinegar Debate

My daughter has been taking a shot every single day and when I asked her why, all she would tell me is that she did her research. Um....that didn't answer my question! Now I used to drink 1 tsp of Braggs ACV diluted in water every morning when I was doing a cleanse because it boasted to help with glowing skin. But I also drank way too much coffee and wasn't eating healthy and getting enough sleep so I needed all the glow I could get. Now that I have fixed all that and I eat clean, Whole Foods, quit the bean and sleep on average 7-8 hours of hard core sleep a night...I have a natural glow to my 45 year old skin!!! But this is besides the point, back to the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar.

There really have been PROVEN benefits to slamming this pungent concoction daily but there are some possible benefits. Here is what I do know:

1. It may help lower blood sugar levels and manage diabetes. The most effective and healthiest way to regulate blood sugar levels is to avoid refined carbs and sugar, but apple cider vinegar may also have a beneficial effect.

2. May aid weight loss by increasing the feeling of fullness

3. You may have better digestion through out the day. It balances pH with its acidity. Altering the pH of your stomach will allow your body to digest food more efficiently, which in turn can minimize bloating and acid reflux.

4. It can keep those sniffles at bay. One of the best benefits of apple cider vinegar is that it boosts the strength of your immune system. Because ACV is so acidic, it kills bacteria in your body that could otherwise manifest into one of those nasty colds, coughs, or sicknesses that follows you around all winter.

So if you are down with the stinky stuff..I do suggest diluting it 1 tsp in 4-6 ouches of filter water and save your teeth! Don't shoot it straight! Oh and go for the "mother" aka Organic Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar! Mother knows best!


Okay so what have we learned? We know that WATER hydrates and cleanses your body; LEMON JUICE contains vitamin C which can purify your body and bolster your immune system, and APPLE CIDER VINEGAR regulates blood sugar, which can help you control cravings. Here is a crazy thought....why not combine them???? WHAT?????? Unleash the power, the SUPERPOWER of this detoxifying morning cocktail! If you dare, give it a dry:

2 cups of warm water

2 tbsp fresh or bottle lemon juice (no sugar)

1 tbsp Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix it up and drink up! Try it for 7 days and see if you notice a difference! Im thinking more energy, more focus, better digestion, healthier glow. And who may even start a new morning routine and drink less coffee too!



Lucie Mitchell, CTNC

Fierce and Beautiful Wellness

This blog post is provided for educational and informational purposes only and is not medical, mental health or healthcare advice. The information presented here is not intended to diagnose, treat, heal, cure or prevent any illness, medical condition or mental or emotional condition.

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