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As the holidays approach, you might be planning gatherings and preparing for the tried-and-true traditions you and your friends & family come to expect and look forward to this time of year. You’ll probably catch up, eat, drink, exchange gifts, avoid confrontational topics, and… what else? Do you have fun family traditions that bring your family closer together and have everyone already looking forward to next year’s celebrations? If not, here’s some ideas to spice up your holiday and make memories with your loved ones!

Games & Activities

A planned activity or game(s) has a way of getting everyone interacting and laughing (and isn’t that what we all truly need and want this time of year??). Yes, your kids might roll their eyes at first, but I can almost guarantee they’ll have a good time with games and activities like these. Gauge your group as your planning activities – are your kids all grown up (or adult-ish), are there little ones around? Plan accordingly! Here are some ideas for games to play with your fam at this year’s get togethers:

Plastic food wrap game (can be catered to be kid friendly or adults only) – Wrap up a ball of plastic wrap filled with candy, socks, giftcards, mini liquor bottles, etc. between the layers. Google and Pinterest have some great ideas for fillers, but get creative! You’ll also need some dice. When your family is together, sit in a circle and start by passing the dice around. The first person to get doubles gets to unwrap the ball and collect as many prizes as they can until the next person gets doubles, then it’s their turn! Make it even more challenging by requiring the person with the ball to wear gloves or oven mitts as they unwrap!

Charades! Who doesn’t love a game of charades (especially if you have a little liquid courage ;) ).

Host your own ugly sweater contest & have everyone vote on their favorite.

Holiday themed mad-libs (create your own or find templates and printables online).

For more ideas, look up “minute to win it games” on Pinterest!

Is your family extra ambitious? There are often some fun community activities you can check out this time of year! Take a peek at Facebook recommended events for things like Thanksgiving or Christmas 5Ks, maze runs, obstacle course events and other fun holiday events. Recruit your friends to join you and make it extra fun and catch up while you burn some calories! Some races even have wine, beer or treats at the end!

Festive (& Healthier) Refreshments

If your family and friends are like mine, you might choose to indulge in a holiday cocktail (or two) here and there! If you’re looking to enjoy an adult beverage this holiday season, but also not wanting to drink all your calories, here are some things to consider!

Better options: Red wine (health benefits), dry champagne, tequila (contains fiber and probiotics), vodka (unflavored – low in sugar and calories) soda, freshly made mojito or paloma.

Avoid if you can: Flavored liquors (extra sugar + calories) & dark liquors (think spiced rum).

Mixers: Opt for cocktail mixers like soda water, fresh herbs (mint, rosemary, etc.), fresh fruit garnishes and juice (lemon, lime, orange, etc.). If you’re looking for a little boost with your cocktail, try mixing a natural energy drink like QSciences Q Twist. Not only do they taste delicious, but you’ll love the energy boost AND added health benefits! Find all of our yummy options here (add link)!

The holidays are a time to enjoy your family and create memories together. Start a new tradition to carry on for years to come! And let me know what your favorite games are to play during the holidays!

Party on Friends...


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