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Updated: Jan 6

You know the headlines and article titles that seem to circulate everywhere this time of year…

“5 Ways to Lose the Weight & Keep it Off This Year!”

“Follow Through with Your Resolution to Lose Weight!”

“Join XYZ Gym & Make This the Year You Find Your Best Body Yet!”

…Blah, blah, blah. The “secrets” to losing weight and keeping it off have and always will be 1. eat well, 2. stay active, 3. find support and a routine that works for you and 4. stay consistent. That’s it… secret’s out!

However, here’s the truth: if you’re not taking care of yourself on a deeper level, no yearly resolution is going to be the “trick” or “secret” that will magically make you healthier and more fit. With health, happiness, and success in all areas – it’s so important to focus on the big picture. When you prioritize ALL your needs, that’s when the *magic* will start to happen! With that in mind, here are some resolutions I can get behind as we move into 2022:

This Year I Will Create and Prioritize a Self-Care Routine

I find that some people don’t love the term “self-care” – or it triggers thoughts of simply going to get a manicure, massage or spending time in meditation. And yes, those things are absolutely examples of self-care, but I think many miss the overall picture of what self-care is in a larger sense. I believe the dictionary does a great way of defining the term in a more accurate and all-encompassing way:

Self-care the practice of taking an active role in protecting one's own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.

So, while treating yourself to a spa treatment is a great way to care for yourself, self-care for you might also look like drinking enough water, taking your daily vitamins or setting boundaries for your mental health. Focus on things that fuel you and allow you to feel better.

This Year I Will Make My Mental Health Care a Priority

Do you often find yourself feeling burnt out? Snapping at your family and regretting it? Not enjoying the things you used to in the way that you use to? You may not be depressed, but you’re definitely worn out? We’ve all been there, but here’s something to think about: what are you doing to care for your mental health?

Are you allowing your mind time to decompress? Do you allow yourself to say “no” to things and to avoid allowing your plate to overfill? Do you dedicate any time to doing something(s) simply because you enjoy it and it fuels you? If you answered “no” to these, you might need to move your mental health higher up on your list of priorities. This might look like seeing a therapist regularly, taking a day off each week, or scheduling in time for prayer. Find what works for you this year!

This Year I Will Build a Career that Fulfills Me

Your career is such a huge part of your life. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or CEO of a big corporation, it’s important that you are working toward something that delivers pride and satisfaction. When you do something that fulfills you, your confidence will grow, you will hold your head higher and feel better – which will in turn, fuel your overall wellbeing as well!

This Year I Will Actively Work Toward Achieving Dreams

You have dreams, right? I know you do, even if you barely dare to think of them because they’re so audacious (psst… those are the really good ones). But, here’s a question for you… are you doing anything to actively work toward any of them? The first step is to claim your dream(s). Create a bucket list, private journal entry, dream/vision board, etc. – whatever works for you! Then, even if you have to start with the tiniest baby steps, begin working toward them. What does your dream require? Money? Time? Bravery? Start gathering those things NOW. Even if you can only put away a few dollars per week or spend 1 hour per month… every journey starts with a single step!

Make this the year about YOU! Do you have any other non-weight loss resolutions for the New Year? I’d love to hear about them! If your dreams, goals and resolutions involve taking better care of you, I’d love to hear all about them and help you get there. Take action and start the year off doing something for yourself – reach out and tell me about your goals!

Cheers to a Healthier You!

Lucie Mitchell, CTNC

Fierce and Beautiful Wellness

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