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Smell That Memory?

We all have that scent that makes us SEE a memory. We don't know what it's called, but we enjoy the experience of memory lane.

That aromatic feeling you receive is due to a chemical reaction of terpenes within a plant that releases its scent.

Let's look further into what this means!

Smell that?!

The aromatic scent that many plants give off after being cut, cooked, or as they die are thanks to terpene compounds.

It's a strange word, but these compounds are able to help with ailments, if you didn't know!

Common examples of plant terpenes scent release include:





The Science Behind It

There are several types of compounds of terpenes that benefit our bodies and are found in various plants:

1. Limonene

Found in citrus fruits, such as lemons and oranges!

Offers help with:






2. Pinene

This is the scent trees produce, but it's also found in rosemary and basil

The aroma given by this terpene helps people emotionally, with breathing and may even fight germs associated with infections.

3. Linalool

Lavender gives off linalool!

It's been known for its relaxation qualities, which is why you find it frequently in aromatherapy/essential oils

4. Beta Caryophyllene

This is the most abundant terpene found in nature!

Found in herbs and vegetables

Helps with inflammatory and nerve pain!

Useful for chronic pain

How Can I Get More Terpenes?

I'm excited you asked!! Hopefully you saw something you could use help with on the lists above, because I know how you can get them! You could eat mountains of aforementioned foods, but it can take many pounds of them to make a true difference. But you KNOW I have something that will make a huge difference! As an ambassador for Q Sciences, I can officially share that these terpenes are available in my shop:

You Have My Attention…

Q Sciences elixirs are formulated with natural ingredients and terpenes, and ready for consumption! All you need to do is order from my link for the specific need you want to address, add a single dropper full under your tongue, and allow it to dissolve directly into your bloodstream! By dropping the elixir under your tongue, the effects will begin to be felt within moments, read our statistics based on testing:

17x better absorption

100% delivery to your bloodstream

Instant onset

The spot right under your tongue is the thinnest muscle, and it allows the blood vessels to remain very close to the surface. Check out this short video that really explains the power behind this revolutionary product!

Are You Sure It Is That Easy?

We can't guarantee the results, but we CAN guarantee that it is that easy! I have tried them during my most stressful day recently: when my daughter began her last year of high school! What a difference I felt after taking the Chill elixir!!! I recommend all of the elixirs to my clients, to help ease discomfort of getting back in shape and calming fears of imposter syndrome.

You can do this, too, friend. Join me on a journey to the ultimate body love.

XO, Lucie

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