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This photo on the left is what changed my mindset. It was taken in August of 2019 and I thought I was fine. I was working out everyday. I was eating 1600 calories (give or take) a day. I was "happy" and I thought I was "healthy". I then I looked at this photo. I immediately went to a weight loss clinic in my hometown (I was visiting my mom at the time) to get a B12 shot and some weight loss pills (they really didn't monitor) and I stepped on the scale....I weighted 220 pounds!!!! WTF!!!!! A vitamin shot and some diet pills weren't going to fix what was going on.

So I took inventory of what else what my body saying. Was I still suffering from vertigo? Yep, But now my vision was blurred, I was only sleeping on average about 4 hours a night, my feet and hands were going body was trying to tell me something! And I wasnt listening! I wanted the quick fix! Yes I still took those pills and lost about 5 pounds (that came right back) but I did some research, too. I contacted a weight loss doctor once I got back home to Portland Oregon. Now before you think....yep she stuck with the quick fix! The Weight Loss Clinic had something that my regular doctors office didn't have...a Nutritional Coach and someone who was going to listen. So I called and made an appointment right away with the understand this was ALL OUT OF POCKET!!!! So $$$$$ but my health was completely worth it!

My coach listened! I had to fill out a long and extensive health assessment, food journal, sleep journal, relationship journal, mindset journal, you name it journal. 4 vials of blood, a 3 hour glucose test later...RESULTS and RELIEF!!!!! I am Insulin Resistant! My body has joined the RESISTANCE (Star Wars pun)! Carbs are not my friend and my body was screaming at me to CUT THEM OUT!!! So we came up with a plan and also put me on some medications to help wean my bodies craving of carbs worked! The vertigo...gone! The tingling.....gone (unless I indulge in too much sugar)! The blurred vision....gone! The sleepless nights....gone! The 40 pounds.....gone!!!!!

Together, we figured out the correct workouts for my peri-menopausal body (more weights less cardio). But we also did something else that was amazing! She helped me to understand how my DNA works and how my genetics are predisposed for the type of nutrition and diet I should be eating. Less American Diet and more Mediterranean. It is all so fascinating to learn that I honestly wanted to learn more and more. So, I enrolled with The Institute of Transformational Nutrition in September of 2019 to become a Certified Nutritional Coach.


Because if I was suffering in silence others are too! Others are being told by their doctors that nothing is wrong or are being given pills to just mask the problems instead of really diving into what could be solved with whole clean foods, the right exercises, mediations, journaling, self-care, and guided attention by a coach who cares. Like me!

So my changing my mindset, I not only changed my own life and health, I also changed my will to make a difference for others. Like....YOU! If that person is you, why not start with a FREE Discovery Call! Click here to schedule that call!


Lucie Mitchell, CTNC

Fierce and Beautiful Wellness

This blog post is provided for educational and informational purposes only and is not medical, mental health or healthcare advice. The information presented here is not intended to diagnose, treat, heal, cure or prevent any illness, medical condition or mental or emotional condition.

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