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Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Needing some one-on-one time with your honey, but looking for some fun ideas that aren’t dinner and a movie?! We all know how important quality alone time is for your marriage or relationship. Time alone with your partner helps you create a stronger bond, builds resilience for when tough times inevitably come, improves communication, amps up intimacy, and adds more FUN to your relationship! All vital things to keeping the love and connection alive – as well as increasing happiness for each of you individually.

In the times when life gets busy (and when is it not?), it can be tricky to squeeze in a date night, but those times are when it’s needed most. When the opportunity does present itself, it’s often tough not to fall back on the same ideas and places over and over again. Which isn’t a bad thing, but if you’re looking for something fun to do, here are some out of the box ideas to try out:

Budget Friendly

Create a “bucket list” together: You’re partners in life, so what could be more important than sharing your goals, wishes, and dreams together? Sit down and talk about the things you want in life. Write down each of your “bucket list” items, and discover how you can work together to reach them all!

Go for a hike: Check out a local hiking spot for some fresh air, exercise, great views, and quality time! Pack a picnic for a meal at the best view you can find!

Visit a local farmer’s market: Farmer’s markets are a great place to walk around and check out some local businesses’ products. Reconnect with each other and your community!

Enjoy a campfire: Light a flame – literally and figuratively! There’s something so relaxing about watching a fire on a cool night.

Special Night Out

Drive in movie: Nostalgia and romance, anybody?? Pack your blankets, grab some concessions to enjoy the feature films and each other!

Rent some bikes or segways or go on a pedal pub: Many cities have fun tours set up, or the option for a daily rental to plan your own. Enjoy an adventure together while you play tourist in your own town!

Axe throwing: Channel your inner lumberjack! There’s many places throughout the country to try out some axe throwing – a fun and different activity to try with your partner!

Progressive dinner date: Do you and your date get stuck in a rut of going to the same places to eat and drink? Here’s one for you! Enjoy drinks, appetizer, dinner and dessert… but each at a different restaurant. There’s even a TikTok challenge for this one where you rock-paper-scissors to determine which of you decides on the next destination!

Worth the Investment

Cooking or cocktail/mixology class: Mix, stir, and shake up your skills and relationship! Look up classes in your area to learn some new recipes together.

Comedy show: I don’t know about you, but laughter is KEY in my relationship! Check out a local comedy show and make a memory that will have you laughing for years to come!

Hot air balloon ride or sky diving: Are you and your partner adventure/thrill seekers? A date high in the sky will surely have you bonding and provide you with stories to tell!

Relive your honeymoon or favorite vacation: This one will take some planning, but how fun would it be? If you’ve been married or together for a while, imagine the romance that would be created by revisiting your honeymoon or favorite vacation spot to relive the earliest times!

What do you and your love like to do on date night? Which of the ideas above has sparked an idea for your next adventure? I’d love to hear about your experiences and other ideas!

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