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Where in the world has the time gone???? I can't believe that I haven't written a blog post since March! Like what is the world! So much has happened! I mean I traveled to Mexico on a romantic getaway vacation with the hubby in April, went on am Epic Leadership Retreat to the Emerald Coast in Florida in May, then jetted back to Miami a few weeks later for a work trip and spoke at my first Regional Leadership Event in Orlando in June. This past weekend we just got back from a 2 week vacation in Cancun as a family and I now have a Freshman and a Senior in High School!!!

I'm exhausted and loving this life all at the same time!!!! I have 3 more trips planned before Summer is over and as I sit here drinking my detox greens I got to thinking about how many of my health goals got pushed to the side due to travel and work obligations. That is just a no-no in my book. So back to the basics it is for me! And you know I love to share with you all so if you're like me and on a mission to improve or maintain your health & fitness you know it takes intention, planning, and motivation. This can be hard under normal circumstances, but summertime travel can blur your priorities and make it feel nearly impossible to stay on track. I've got three tips for you!

1) Hold the space of exercise. You may not have access to a gym, or even want to spend an hour away from family fun, but I encourage you to hold the space of exercise in your day. There are plenty of workouts you can do in a hotel room without any equipment, or even for 10 minutes on a road trip pit stop! These don't have to be your best or most challenging workouts, but a short HIIT workout will get your heart rate up, keep you energized, and avoid the greater struggle later on of getting back into a broken habit.

This isn't about burning enough calories to keep up with vacation indulgences, but has everything to do with holding on to the habit you've worked so hard to create. The clients of mine who hold the space for exercise while on vacation are the ones who slide right back into that daily habit when they return, instead of letting another week go by while they struggle to get back into their routine. My daughter and I loved our power walks on the Cancun Beach everyday....

2) Bring your own snacks. Healthy people plan ahead, and you are a health-oriented person! Having healthy options on hand will keep you from having to make convenience store stops and fast-food runs, plus you feel so much better when you fuel yourself with healthy choices while traveling.

Some of my go-to travel snacks are raw veggies & guacamole or hummus, hard-boiled eggs, homemade trail mix, grass-fed beef and turkey sticks, organic cheese sticks, plantain chips and fresh fruit.

3) Pick your "plus one". Vacation and travel often presents the opportunity to indulge and try new cuisines. I believe you should take advantage of those opportunities! However, being choosy about your indulgences will not only keep you on track with your goals but will help you really enjoy and savor those special treats. Remember, just because it's in front of you don't mean you have to eat it!

By carefully choosing your "plus one" you have the opportunity to mindfully partake without going crazy. I encourage my clients to choose ONE "extra", or ONE thing that will impact blood sugar, in addition to their regular, healthy meals. This could be a fun cocktail, dessert, or a carb-rich addition (like french fries!).

I hope these tips help you believe that it is totally possible to have an amazing vacation while still maintaining your goals! I would even argue that staying active, bringing some of your own snacks, and being choosy about your "plus one" will make your trip even more enjoyable. :)

Make sure you follow me over on Instagram where I share all my healthy tips and indulgences while juggling work, travel and all the summer fun life has to offer while trying to keep health a priority.



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