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Here comes Santa Clause, here comes Santa Clause…

Unfortunately, good ol’ St. Nick is not going to take care of your whole gift giving list for you. Which somehow never fails to create a challenge (at least for me) when it comes to determining what to purchase for certain people in my life! Even if they don’t necessarily fall under the category of “has everything,” it can often be difficult to come up with fresh, good ideas for gifts they’ll love year after year.

So, in case you find yourself in this same predicament this year, I’ve got you! I came up with a list of gift ideas that any adult in your life is sure to love, use and NOT re-gift ;) . I’m sure we’ve all been on both the giving and receiving end of bad gifts – so before you find yourself on Christmas Eve, purchasing a last minute coffee mug or bath product set, check out my list!


Who doesn’t love to get out and do something that interests them? Well, I suppose there are people who prefer to stay home – scroll on for them! However, for those who love an excuse to get out and do something, gift them with the opportunity to do just that! Experience gifts have gotten more and more popular over the last few years – things like concert tickets, spa treatments, classes (cooking, art, etc.), 5k entrance, movie tickets, etc. are a wonderful thing to receive for many. Choose something you can do together, something they can do with their partner or on their own – the options are endless!

Home Décor

Now, admittedly, this one can be a little tricky. You’ll have to know the gift-ee and yourself well enough to determine whether you can choose something that will be their taste (and not end up as a “terrible gift” memory). Some things are too personal to choose for someone else, but if you know them well enough, something for the home can be a great gift! Things like wall art you know they love, hanging / plaques that go along with their décor (i.e. one of those with family name and “est. wedding year” underneath). Throw blankets, candles and framed photos can also be great ideas, or you could be super safe with a home store gift card!

Subscription Membership

The gift that truly keeps on giving! And who doesn’t love receiving a package!? There are SO many subscriptions out there these days, you’re sure to find one to fit any person on your list! Treat the foodie in your life with a food or beverage subscription (wine, meal, snacks, coffee...). There are memberships for all kinds of enthusiasts – crime solving, fitness, makeup, self-care, etc. Loved one who loves to be entertained? Surprise them with movies or books throughout the year (Amazon, Netflix, etc.)!

Gift of Health

Caring for your health and self-care products can be expensive… gift a loved one with products to make their life easier or to help them feel better cared for! I love these roll on essential and hemp oils for gifts (and I’ve certainly never gotten any bad feedback!) Here is the LINK. Give the gift of relaxation, sore muscle and stress relief, a strengthened immune system and better rest. For the entrepreneur or creator on your list, I recommend Q Create Terpene Elixir for mental energy and though clarity **COMING SOON**. Encouraging self-love and prioritizing your own care is a wonderful gift in itself.


For the person on your list who loves to be host / hostess or just really enjoys a good time… how about a fun game!? Games are not just for kids anymore, and there are many adult games on the market that are sure to have everyone gathering and laughing until their insides hurt (in a good way, of course!). Games like, What Do You Meme, Play the Patriarchy and Say Anything, for example, are great to have around the house when you have people over, or to grab when you’re headed to a party.

Hope this list helps you out with at least a person or two on your list! Be sure to let me know what you love, and happy shopping to you all!

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