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How to stay on track this fall!

We are coming up on a time of seasonal depression, a struggle for most Americans. It’s time to take back your life, and enjoy any season you find yourself in!

Five Ways to Stay On Track

There are a multitude of ways to share the following information, and realistically you’ve probably heard most recommendations already! Let’s stir the pot, however, and work on a new approach!

1. Fuel Yourself!!!

That’s right, you probably knew that this was coming! Your body needs key nutrients and enough water to stay running.

Starting with water, if you fail to drink half a gallon on a daily basis, you’re in line with over 75% of Americans who are dehydrated. Hopefully you know that the feeling of thirst means you’re past dehydrated and need to increase your H2O intake immediately.

Soda, juice, coffee, and alcohol will dehydrate you further. While the sugar can help you to feel a momentary high, you would have a crash that will have you feeling sluggish; thus hurting your emotional well-being.

Food acts the exact same way. If you’re snacking on processed foods, your body has a hard time turning it into energy. Energy will help you keep moving and that will help keep your mind from straying to the negative.

If you’re looking for winter foods take a look at this list:

1. Fruit: citrus fruits are in season and will help you stave off the sluggish feeling with their vitamin C. Vitamin C offers your body energy by sharing electrons which will fuel your cells! If you don’t like to eat citrus, try QScience’s spray for vitamin C! Click my link to see more

2. Vegetables: During those harsh winter months, it can be hard to find anything on a vine, so you’ll want to focus on the root vegetables such as beets, cabbage, and carrots for your daily intake. I love getting extra greens in with our Ultra Greens. 20 Superfoods, a delicious Cinnamon Apple flavor and great by itself or added to a smoothie.

Broth: While I know it may seem strange to see broth to be included on this list, its ability to decrease inflammation, meaning you’re in less pain! Amino acids from the broth help to boost your immune system, also, which will leave you feeling healthy.

2. Make Your Heart Race

It’s a tale as old as time, if you’re needing to eat healthy then you need to exercise well, too! By increasing your heart rate, you’re less likely to be ill while fighting off Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Helping your cardiovascular run more frequently and efficiently will improve your immune system to run top-notch. The cooler weather will also help to kill off any microorganisms your body may be attacking such as a cold or flu.

Never give up on the dream of running a 7-minute mile! The endorphins released during your exercise will help your mind improve and connect you to your inner self.

3. Rest Your Feet ...

If you’re struggling to become healthy, or with getting out of your “funk,” consider some self-love! Start small but go with the intent to find the ability to keep moving forward.

Meditation is the very first way to rest but to find your center. Close your eyes, begin to breathe deeply. Focusing on that breath is going to be what pushes you forward each day. Push the world away and listen to only yourself for a while, you’ll be surprised how much you know.

If meditation is hard not for you, focus on something else for a while! If you enjoy rom-coms, set up a movie day for only YOU. If baking takes your mind off life, make me some muffins ;-)

However you tend to find the best relaxation, indulge yourself.

4. But Get Busy!

Life isn’t all about you! DUH! A great way to beat your seasonal depression is to get out and help others.

By getting out and about with others, you are likely to begin working through your issues. To get outside of your head and work towards a goal, you’re going to find yourself enjoying life again.

Finding a new hobby doesn’t have to be hard, and if you already have one it’s even easier. If time is the problem, don’t allow yourself to fall victim to the rat race. Put yourself first, my friend.

5. “Attitude of Gratitude”

Taking it straight from Susie Moore, allow yourself to cultivate a spirit of happiness around yourself!

If your day is getting difficult, take the time to find several positive moments. Let’s make an example of this!

You arrived at work 35 minutes late because it was a rainy day and your dog was not interested in taking a walk. On the way through the office, you received a compliment on your green sweater from a coworker. Your email inbox seems to teem with angry clients, and the coffee burnt your tongue. At lunch, you chose to eat at your desk but your co-worker friend brings you a cupcake.

You could choose to dwell on the beginning of your day, or you can find the good in your day. Keep in mind each of these small positive bits, in even the darkest of days, and you will find there are many small moments to be thankful for.

All This To Say…

Seasonal Affective Disorder is hard. Getting enough daily Vitamin D is hard. But life is also HARD. Staying on track this cold season can become difficult, but you can do it!

Reach out to me about your concerns and we can come up with a plan!


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