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Earned Exposure and Why You Need PR

Media should be one of the most important components of your digital marketing strategy.

Yes, you read that right... Media. Most small business owners, when asked about their digital marketing strategy, will tell you about their social media platforms, website content, email marketing campaigns, and sales funnels. Rarely do I hear about a marketing plan in place for media exposure.

When I offer the idea of perusing coverage in the media, I often hear a laugh and something along the lines of, “my company isn’t big enough for that,” or “maybe someday when I’ve reached XYZ level.” You see, what many small business owners don’t understand is that there is attainable, effect media coverage available for all companies - from small local businesses to international corporate giants… And, not enough people take advantage of the opportunities available.

Here is why you should add media coverage to your digital marking plan: earned media vs. paid ads. Most companies run some number of paid ads. Whether it’s taking out a literal ad in a local paper, boosting your posts, running campaigns, printing business cards, or hanging flyers… you’re likely paying for some form of advertising. It’s how you get your name out there for people to know and recognize your business, right? It’s all about exposure. However, there is another form of exposure that holds much more credibility… earned media.

Earned media is exposure for your business posted or printed by a third-party, which instantly leads to more credibility. Someone other than you is saying, “Hey, I support this person or company enough to highlight them on my platform. Check out and what they do…” Here are some of the benefits from gaining this type of exposure:

  • More meaningful exposure

  • Interest generation

  • Brand awareness

  • Credibility

  • Reputation and authority

How Can PR Help Grow My Business?

Many entrepreneurs are skeptical or do not think they are big enough or have enough to say to include PR in their plans. Entrepreneurs need to be educated on the value of earned media and understand that it is the most cost-efficient way to get their story out, which leads to new customers, and shortens their sales cycle. Every time a new article hits, you speak at an event, or are quoted in the media, there is value in that exposure. It provides instant credibility and third-party validation, which carries a lot more weight than a paid ad.

What Type of Coverage Can You Secure?

A number of factors play into where and how a company is featured. It’s important to know that the expectation of reaching and securing company news with top-tier publications (i.e. New York Times) is a gradual process. You must catch many small fish before you can catch the big ones. This takes time, relationship building, and recurring exposure in the media. If done correctly, this presents itself for big wins.

Will Having PR Efforts Automatically Lead to Increased Sales and Business Growth?

The answer is to that is a resounding no! Just because someone reads ab out you in a publication or sees you on TV does not mean they are going to call you up the next day and hire you or buy your product. PR is about generating and increasing brand awareness and interest in what you have to offer. We, as publicists,, make more people AWARE of who you are, but YOU have to have marketing and sales processes and systems in place to take these people simply from being spectators to active and engaged customers and clients.

My mission is to help women entrepreneurs understand the value of PR and media exposure. Especially those who started with nothing and have built their businesses from the ground up. Their stories need to be told so that they can not only grow their business, but also be an inspiration to other women in business.

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Lucie Mitchell, CTNC & CTLC

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