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CEO. BOSSBABE. & fiercely badass

I am a firm believer that we all have a story to tell. Whether it is one of triumph or of trauma. The story needs to be told and shared. That is what this company and brand is all about. Media isn't just about getting famous. It is about getting results.



Hey there!  My name is Lucie Mitchell, I am a Certified Life Success Coach and CEO of LifeFlip Media and the Lucie Mitchell Co.

The journey to where I am today is quite a story so I will do my best to keep it short and sweet. You are welcome to head over to my podcast Ready to Rise for all the juicy details. But lets say I have always been an entrepreneur at heart.

It started at the age of 12 when I opened my own babysitting business, to becoming a private chef (for a short period of time) to becoming a hairstylist and bookkeeper while also being a math tutor for a few of my clients children. 

The desire I had was always to help others. Call me an empath or just a kind person, I just wanted others to be happy. This may have seemed from unhealed trauma as a child but I knew I wasn't meant for the ordinary.

Neither are you friend! So after becoming a Certified Life Coach in 2019 I knew I wanted to take this opportunity to help female entrepreneurs in the best way possible. So often we think so small. We limit our capabilities and our reach.

As the CEO of LifeFlip Media, I knew there was a space that my husband and I were missing. Sure we help businesses and big brands with story telling not story yelling. But what about the beginning entrepreneur. The business that is ready to go to the next level with brand exposure.

That is where the Lucie Mitchell Co came to life. Whether you are looking for strategy coaching to get clear on your business goals or you are ready for PR, me and my team have a solution for you.


At our heart, we’re natural communicators and storytellers. We’ve always been more than a PR agency, offering tailored services that make our clients’ messages more powerful. Using the power of communication, we serve as consultants and partners to our clients, moving their businesses forward.


So yes things are going to look a bit different around here and that is the exciting part! Go big or go home! Take a look around and see why we are excited for the change! So what can you expect with this Agency:


We are:

  • Always there for you

  • Strategic and innovative

  • Texas-based, with national capabilities

  • Dedicated to giving back to our community

  • KPI driven

  • Focused on analytics that matter

  • A valuable piece of your marketing strategy

  • Reliable, following through on promises we make to our clients

  • Experienced PR professionals celebrating 9 years in business

  • Your source of comfort during a crisis




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